Safety incidents

We rely 100% on the generosity of local landowners whom allow us to land safely on their property. It is for this reason that the CHGC has stringent rules on where we can and cannot land. We have gone to great lengths to make it clear where these areas are, and they can be found in the Online Maps section of this website, under the Resources menu.

None-the-less, the best of us make mistakes, so if you land short or outside of an official landing area/paddock, then you are required to send the Senior Safety Officers an email or phone call, explaining how/why you or anyone else you may have witnessed, ended up landing there. The purpose is not draconian natured but rather to enable us to try and educate pilots on possible solutions to avoid a repeat occurrence (which could result in the club losing sites).

The data collected (reports received) also help the Club in identifying possible issues pertaining to the various sites and improve our education of Safety Officers and newer pilots to more safely enjoy our flying sites.

If you have been involved in a short landing or safety incident or witnessed one, please use the form below to contact a SSO, Alternatively, you can call the SSO directly via the Contact Administration page on this website.

Please note, if you are not a member or not signed in, you will be required to fill in the Security Code below. These characters are CaSE sENSitive.

Incident Report Form

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