Hanggliding Competitions

Canungra Classic

The Canungra Classic is a popular annual hanggliding competition held locally in Canungra. Lasting a week long, it's popularity stems from the both the flying and laid back supporting events and extras, such as prizes, free dinners, quiz nights and XC clinics. 

Canungra Classic dates for 2017 are Oct 7th to Oct 14th

Canungra Classic 2017 News, results and live tracking. And 2016 Results.

Canungra Classic 2015-2012 results

Drew Cooper Cup

The "Drew Cooper HG Cross Country Cup" has been awarded yearly since 1994, and aims to promote Hanggliding cross country flying in the Canungra area. The award is based on your three best flights from CHGC launches and competing for it is very simple and straightforward:

•You enter your (three best) flights (from CHGC launches) into XContest.

•XContest calculates the scores, according to its own rules, airspace, and down loading of flight log etc.

•The club decides on the winner by checking the three best flight scores from CHGC launches (which are publicly visible on the XContest site).

•The previous winner is responsible to present the cup to the new winner at the CHGC Xmas party.

History of Winners:

•1994 Gordo Bieske
•1995 Drew Cooper
•1996 Jon Durand Snr
•1997 Jon Durand Snr
•1998 Speedy Gonsalves
•1999 Jon Durand Snr
•2000 Jon Durand Jnr
•2001 Jon Durand Snr
•2002 Jon Durand Jnr
•2003 Jon Durand Jnr
•2004 Jon Durand Jnr
•2005 Jon Durand Jnr
•2006 Jon Durand Jnr
•2007 Jon Durand Jnr
•2008 Jon Durand Jnr
•2009 Neil Petersen
•2010 Warren Simonsen
•2011 Warren Simonsen
•2012 Neil Petersen

Paragliding Competitions

Canungra Cup

The Canungra Cup is an 8 day, FAI Category 2, HGFA AAA Sanctioned competition. The Cup consists of one round which counts towards a pilot's WPRS score. All tasks over the 8 days contribute to the AAA Sanction / Aussie ladder / Team Selection Ladder. 

The Cup has been running for many years and it's success is often attributed to the daily full retrieve system, excursions as well as the transport system that includes airport transfers. All of which is included in the entry free.

The Canungra Cup has it's own dedicated website that can be found at https://airtribune.com/canungracup/info, as well as it's own Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CanungraCup.

There is also a CHGC Forum Canungra Cup thread that you may subscribe to.

Queensland Championships

The Qld Championships are designed to discover the best Qld Pilot, as well as give a platform to encourage the lower airtime pilots to get  involved in competition flying at a friendly low key style run competition.

By encouraging lower end pilots to experience the competitive side of paragliding, with the use of GPS as well as other competition techniques, and with the support of the higher end competition pilots, the overall aim is to improve the skill base of pilots in Qld.

If you would like to get involved, you can subscribe to the Queensland Champs thread in the club forum on this website.

Northern Summer Series

The Northern Summers series is a competition that is Task based and runs for one weekend every month for the duration of the Summer here in South East Queensland. It is based solely out of Canungra utilising our local flying sites. The main aim of the Northern Summer Series is to provide a platform for those pilots who intend flying in our National AAA and AA competitions and to practice their Task flying and Racing skills.

It has been developed to encourage flying and racing in gaggles to help improve individual skills as well as help pilots learn to fly and race in close quarters. The series follows a structured environment whereby experienced pilots can enhance their skills and simultaneously share these skills with less experienced pilots whereby all benefit.

The Northern Summer Series has C sanctioning by Australian Competitions Committee and therefore pilots may earn Australian Paragliding Ladder points.

The Northern Summer Series has it's own dedicated website that can be found at  https://airtribune.com/northernsummerseries/info. There is also a dedicated CHGC Forum thread on this website for the series.

CHGC Site Records

Paragliding Records

Pilot Stats Date
Mt. Tamborine
Jan Tupy & Eduardo Senger 119km 25 Oct 2016
Beechmont Jan Tupy
361km 14 Nov 2017
Flying Fox
Gavin Zahner
92km 29 Oct 2008
Hinchcliffe's Michael Jackson
301km Unkown
Scotsman's Ian McFarlane
72km Unknown
Four Mile Land
Brandon O'Donnell
46km Unknown
First crossing of Cunninghams Gap W-E Phil Hystek
N/A 1995
First crossing of Cunninghams Gap E-W
Andrew Horchner N/A 2002
Tandem Record
Jason Turner
55.5km 18 Oct 2015
Gin Bolero Record
Ian McFarlane
55km Unknown
Bed to Base Vacant    


Hanggliding Records
Pilot Stats
Mt. Tamborine
Jerry Furnell
Beechmont Jon Durand Jr
5 Mar 2008
Flying Fox
Drew Cooper
120km Unknown
Hinchcliffe's Jon Durand Jr
Bed to Base Jon Durand Jr 28mins Unknown