Pilot endorsments

Radio VHF

VHF aviation Radio - Pilot Endorsement

Due to demand, I will be running a HGFA certified VHF radio operators endorsement course.

Time:   1830-2130 
Location:   TBA (depending on numbers but will be somewhere in Canungra)
Cost:  $40

A VHF endorsement is a requirement for the issue of HGFA  PG-4 and HG Intermediate ratings. 

Please let me know by; Email Phil Hystek  re: VHF radio course.

Kind regards

Phil Hystek.
Chief Flying Instructor  

For all those pilots interested in obtaining their VHF endorsement.   We’ll be running a HGFA VHF radio operators endorsement as follows. 

Date:   Friday August 4rd 2017
Time:   6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Canungra.  (actual location to be decided closer to the time)
Cost:  $35 per person

Note that a VHF endorsement is a prerequisite for the issue of a PG4 and HG intermediate rating.   The endorsement can be obtained at any time prior to applying for a PG4 or HG Intermediate.  So even newly licensed pilots are welcome. 

Please reply Email Phil Hystek  which date is preferable and VHF radio course will run on the most popular evening.

Pilots looking to spread your wings and further your flying freedom with pilot ratings PG4 or HG intermediate, You require HGFA VHF Airband Radio Operators Endorsement. Next VHF radio course:
Date:  Wednesday June 28th 2017
Time: 7:00pm
Location:  Canungra area.  
Cost $30 per person.  

If interested in attending theory and practical course, along with receiving pre-reading course study notes; Email Phil Hystek Chief Flying Instructor  PARAGLIDING QUEENSLAND


VHF Endorsement Course. It's suitable for both PG and HG pilots. And in recent years, required for HGFA intermediate and advanced pilot ratings.

The date is Thursday 1st December 2016 at 6:30pm in Canungra. The course will be run by Phil Hystek. The venue to be confirmed.

If you are interested can you please fill in the Endorsements Expression of Interest online form Or Email Martin.

There won't be another VHF Endorsement Course for while so if you still don't have your VHF endorsement get it done now.

Recommended reading HGFA - VHF Airband Radio Syllabus and Textbook PDF 


Other endorsements; - expressions of interest can be made via same form;

PG Tow Endorsement 

Oxygen Endorsement

If you are interested please fill in the Expressions of interest in an endorsement online form. The date, time and place are to be confirmed, once we have the numbers.

HGFA Radio endorsement HGFA VHF Radio Endorsement Application Form 

Canungra XC Orientation

"Canungra XC Orientation" presentation for new to intermediate level PG pilots.

So at this stage its a green light and will be held at 6:30pm on Sunday 10th September at the Clubhouse on Wagonwheel Rd.

There will be no charge for Canungra Club members. $220 for non members.

The presentation will be mainly a Powerpoint style slide night  focusing on:

Self awareness and safety
Risk management
Pilot progression
Flight preparation
Local orientation
Flight planning and routes
Local hotspots
XC tips
Maybe a short video or two.

Learn the secrets of "The Fist of Muhumat", "The Rath Ramble" and "Drunken Kingdom" 

There are already more than 2 people attending so that's enough interest for me to run it ;-)

The majority of content will be for XC newbies and intermediates but all are welcome if you have no social life.

No food or drinks provided. No noisy food permitted.

Please be quiet on entry and exit to Clubhouse to keep the peace with our neighbour's.


Jason Turner



Parachute repacking clinics. First aid & Safety Training

First Aid and parachute repacks Safety/Training

Pilot Training

Learning to fly

If you have every dreamt of flying, give it a go. It's awesome. Your pilot journey begins with learning to fly course. For the special occasion for you or someone you love, try an introduction with a tandem flight. What's your New Years resolution? You should start by contacting Local Instructors Go on. Just DO IT.

ParaGlider Ground winch Towing

PG Tow endorsement on Monday 12 December 2016 is now full. Congratulations to the pilot who flew for 8hours covering over 300km. 

Also another PG Tow endorsement the weekend before Christmas 2016. 

If your friends are wondering how to get on to this email list please let them know that  they can sign up via this link or Email Martin.

If you want to do your endorsement you can sign up via the Endorsements Expression of Interest online form.

Flying High above 10,000ft - Oxygen Pilot Endorsement

For all pilots wanting to stay legal (and lucid) above 10,000 feet Mean Sea Level Pressure altitude, Phil Hystek ParaGliding Queensland is running a HGFA Oxygen endorsement in Canungra on 15th of Decemeber at 6:30pm. If you are interested get in touch with Phil.

Course Details:
Prerequisite: HGFA Ops Manager advises - PG4 or HG Intermediate Pilot Certificate (Application Form requirements to be amended)
Location:  Clubhouse 
Time :   18:30 - 21:30
Cost:  $45  

Course will include both theory and practical components of the HGFA Oxygen Endorsement Syllabus. Course will include the Theory exam. Passing the theory exam and practical component of the course will result in the issue of a HGFA Oxygen Endorsement. 

If you are interested in going big this summer, being oxygenated while being high in flight levelsEmail Phil 

Reference HGFA Oxygen Endorsement Application Form 

Please note that for airspace Flight Levels requiring oxygen, you are required to have Radio endorsement HGFA VHF Radio Endorsement Application Form 

Recommended reading  HGFA Oxygen Endorsement Manual 2016 PDF [email Phil for update version: December 2016 edition]

Results: Good roll up for the O2 endorsement. For those not able to attend, we'll run another next March 2017

For aviation oxygen equipment for Gliding, Hang Gliding and Paragliding, and expert advice contact Go Soaring .com.au



Oxygen MH We are celebrating the World Gliding Championships in Benalla with Special Pricing on OXYGEN SYSTEMS.

10% Discount on Mountain High Oxygen systems. 

This offer is through till the end of the comp on the 22nd January 2017


Cheers, Al


Go Soaring - Why should the birds have all the fun!

Free site briefings

Beechmont site briefing - how to fly

A talk for newbies on how to soar and thermal Beechmont. This talk is intended for pilots very new to the sport and want to progress from sleddies and start clocking up some hours in the air. Dave Gibbs should also be available for free tandem instructional paragliding flights during the day. Time and place will be 8,30 am Sunday 27th. at Beechmont launch, weather pending, which is looking ok at the moment.

Radio UHF

The CHGC committee wishes to remind pilots of their responsibilities, as well as outlining new requirements for Supervising and Supervised pilots.   

1/.  All pilots flying CHGC sites must have a working UHF radio, which should be checked for functionality on the appropriate club operating frequency before launch.  Those standard frequencies are: 
Paragliding     UHF Ch 18    CTCSS 97.4

Hang Gliding  UHF Ch 19    CTCSS 97.4

2/. On arrival at the site, and prior to setting up their aircraft, all PG-2 and HG Supervised pilots must make contact with their “supervising” pilot for a site/conditions briefing.   

3/. All supervised pilots must be able to communicate via radio at any time with their supervising pilot.

4/. Supervising pilots must make regular contact with their supervised pilots via radio.  If radio contact is lost (no response from the supervised pilot) the supervising pilot must attempt verbal comms with the supervised pilot (air to air vocal commands) and direct the pilot to land. 

5/. If any supervised pilot is involved in an incident/ accident, their supervising pilot is required to make a brief written report (email or text) to the a CHGC SSO within 12hrs of the incident/accident. 

6/. if any supervising pilot becomes unsure of the location of their supervised pilot they must immediately notify a CHGC SSO.  


Please note that the requirement for the Supervising pilot to send a brief email or txt message to a CHGC SSO following any incident/ accident involving their Supervised pilot,  does not negate the HGFA requirement for the pilot involved in the incident to complete a AIRS accident report within 72hrs 

Contacts for CHGC SSO’s are:
HG.   Ken Hill
PG.   Phil Hystek
PG.  Brandon O’Donnell

CHGC  Contact details



Safe flying workshop

What:  Safe flying workshop

Where: Beechmont Launch/BBQ area

When:  Sunday 20th November  (This Sunday)

Time: 08:30 sharp.

Cost: FREE



Brandon, Senior Safety Officer - PG, will be running a workshop aimed providing Novice and Intermediate Pilots with information on how to safely fly Beechmont and some indicators/ ramifications which can change the dynamics of this site with changing conditions.


Safe Flying.