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The CHGC has 4 world class Launch sites suitable for all levels of flying. These are Beechmont, Mt. Tamborine, Flying Fox and Hinchcliffes. Some are on public roads, while others are on private property. Each site has it's own set of safety and compliance rules, so please be sure to visit the Launch site page before flying.

Safety is everyone's responsibility. With team work and communication including radio, your responsible for both yourself and for helping safety of everyone you can witness around you. Reasonable expectation of all members to all  be proactive to help fellow pilots fly safely and prevent any safety incident before it develops.  Be aware of Reference  CHGC / Safety paragraph title "Standard Operating Procedure for Safety Incidents".  

You and flying buddies are required to Fly Safe, abiding site rules: CHGC / Safety/General-Site-Rules And to help with issuing common sense, to avoid any safety incident please note well the paragraph "Fly Safe Advice". 

Additional resources of information include CHGC / Safety/Flight-Safety

Detailed flying information and procedures for each Flying Site [Beechmont, Mt. Tamborine, Flying Fox and Hinchcliffes] and Airspace are constantly evolving and website being updated. Regularly check the flying sites information before you fly, as recently there can exist changes that include events.

Fly high. Fly far. Safe landings.

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